Take a walk near the magical Prokljan Lake, soak up the sun on the beautiful  beaches and simply enjoy in a quiet natural ambience of Bilice!

Township of Bilice is located on the shores of the second largest lake in Croatia – Prokljan Lake, which is a natural phenomenon – due to cryptodepression, because the surface of the lake is above the sea level, and its bottom is below the sea level. The lake is situated in the lower course of the River Krka and it is connected with the sea through the narrow channel which end in the port of Šibenik. Due to its connection with sea, the water in the lake is salty on its bottom and sweet on its surface. In the north part of the lake there is an islet Stipanac and you can reach the National park Krka if you go upstream. The lake is surrounded by four places: Bilice, Zaton, Raslina and Skradin. Prokljan channel stretches from Šibenik till the very entrance into the Lake Prokljan, where fish (glthhead and seabass) and sea shells (mussels) are grown. Due to the mixture of sweet and salt water, the fish and mussels are of the best quality in Croatia.

On the northeast part of the lake there is a channel which connects the lake to Skradin, which is the oldest town in Šibenik – Knin County. On the northwest part there is also a small channel through which the river Guduća flows into the Lake Prokljan. The channel Guduća is declared as a special spawning habitat by the Government of Croatia and therefore all types of fishing are prohibited.

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