Culture & Heritage

Explore the historical heritage of this area, visit charming churches, pass by the ruins of castles, ancient villas and discover the interesting legend of the Gavan’s court!

We can find the evidence of life from prehistoric times. On some locations there are the ruins of castles or hillforts and prehistoric tumuli  graves). In ancient time this area was very “alive” and urbanized, as evidenced by the remains of ancient villas in several locations and an extremely important early Christian church, which has been explored lately. Bilice is mentioned in the work of Emperor Constantine VII, Porphyrigenetus De Administrando imperio. Some early Croatian earrings have been found on that location which date from 9th to 11th century. Moreover, another important resource is the work of historian from Šibenik named Dinko Zavorović and his Trattato sopre le cose di Sebenico form the 16th century which refers to a time from 1378 in which Bilice was mentioned as Villa Billicze in Zažvina parish.

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