On the norther part of the Lake Prokljan, there is the islet of Stipanac which is especially interesting because of the remains of the ancient church of st. Stephen. During the low tide you can see the road at the bottom of Prokljan. In ancient times it connected the island and the mainland but according to the legend it was not an island after all. It is associated with the folk tale of Gavan and Gavanuša, who humiliated a beggar at Easter by pushing bread with her foot under the table, not knowing it was a disguised angel. Because of the even she had done, Gavan’s court, Gavan and his wife sank into the lake and their child was saved by the girl. Running away from the oncoming water, she got tired and child fell out of her arms into Guduča. A lake was created at that place and the child was swallowed. A shepherd saw the tragedy who came to the girl and said: “there is no more tyrant Gavan”. His child will return when a man becomes good. Let’s go together and build a new town that will no longer be ruled by tyrants.”.  Residents of Bilice and other surrounding places still call Stipanac – the Gavan’s court.