Top Things to Revel In

Must-See Locations and Experiences

  • Scuba Diving and Free Diving Around the Archipelagos of Šibenik and Kornati
  • Trekking on Promina Mountain, the islands of Kaprije and Žirje and along the Krka river
  • Mountain Biking on Dinara Mountain, in Primošten and Rogoznica or Around Vodice and Šibenik
  • Canyoning, Free Climbing and Zip Lining Around the Čikola Canyon
  • Hiking on Velebit Mountain

Rich Seabed of Clear Waters

The Šibenik Archipelago provides perfect conditions for all sorts of diving activities, from scuba diving and deep sea diving to sponge and coral fishing. The islands like Krapanj, Prvić and Zlarin are especially favourable for exploring marine life and searching for beautiful corals and sponges embedded in the strings of continuous shallow reefs, apparent in the familiar name for Krapanj ("The Island of Sponges"), e.g. Beside these waters, do not miss diving around the Kornati Archipelago, a haven of pristine nature and an ecosystem with magnificent seafloor!

Water Sports or Cycle Around Scenic Tracks

If you enjoy practising water sports, the coast of the county is offering virtually all of them at all locations. Furthermore, you may learn or train in some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. If you prefer panoramic views, there are also plenty of opportunities for parachuting or paragliding. However, if you are more into biking, you will be surprised how such a relatively short coast abounds in numerous superb scenic tracks (overall more than 2450 km in the county). Those around Vodice are probably the most demanding ones, so the one called "Eagle's Circle" hosts a thrilling World Cup MTB XCO race.

Thrilling Sports in Tranquil Environments

The inland of the county is an exceptional place for engaging in many exciting nature sports and outdoor activities. The rugged hilly terrain bounded by crystal-clear pulsating rivers greatly facilitates various sporting pursuits as: biking, horseback riding, trekking, hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, paragliding, zip lining, buggy riding etc. If you want to train and stay in shape while all the time having great fun, the peaceful environment of stunning natural beauties will lift your spirit, kindle your mind and leave you both energetic and serene for weeks to come!

Panoramic Views of the Dinara Mountain Range

The craggy mountain range of Dinara forms a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia, offering some outstanding hiking trails and spectacular panoramic views. The eponymous peak Dinara, shaped like a human head made of stone, is with its 1831 m the highest peak in entire Croatia, and together with dozen other magnificent peaks attracts numerous adventurers in search of breath-taking scenery and rewarding solitude. The mountain is naturally a great habitat for many endemic and endangered species that find their shelter in the less approachable areas of the range.

Oases of Pristine Nature

The Dalmatian Hinterland abounds in oases of peace scattered around wonderful waters and magnificent mountains. The vigorous rivers like Krka, Cetina and Čikola have a dynamic flow that creates gorgeous lakes, ponds, tributaries, confluences and waterfalls with pure freshwater and a rich ecosystem, whereas formidable mountains like Velebit and Dinara shelter teeming wildlife and dominate the area with their great solid massifs, forming natural borders and dividing the inland between the Adriatic Coast and Western Bosnia. Before leaving the county, you should really not miss seeing the amazing Cetina Springs, witnessing the breath-taking Krka Waterfalls, experiencing the incredible Čikola Canyon, trekking towards inviting Promina Mountain, climbing the inspiring Velebit range or biking across the scenic trails and valleys of Dinara!

Krka National Park and Its Amazing Beauties

The specific geological structure of the travertine karst area surrounding the stunning Krka River has created one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, one of just few where you can even enjoy swimming and showering underneath charming cascading falls. Krka National Park consists of seven spectacular waterfalls, comprises around 40 interesting caves and pits, neighbours several impressive archaeological sites and medieval fortresses, and serves as a protective habitat for more than a thousand diverse plant species and various endemic and endangered animals. Furthermore, Krka National Park offers sightseeing boat tours towards the lovely Krka Monastery, the spiritual centre of the Orthodox Dalmatian Eparchy, as well as towards extraordinary Visovac Island and its 16th century Franciscan monastery.